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Our city has found it’s place among the most thriving startup scenes in the country. We are working to cement it.

Investing $250k – $4 million in early stage startups

We’ve been living and breathing the entrepreneurial life for years and now we want to help others make their dreams come true. Our passion is creating opportunities and developing value. We believe in simple philosophy of recognizing entrepreneurial teams with leading technologies and ideas, investing and partnering with those teams, and making a dent in the universe.

Our Active Investment Philosophy

Active investing is a strategy involving the acquisition of investments and then taking a highly involved role in the management and operation of them. They rely on hundreds of strategic methods – including fundamental analysis, technical analysis and macroeconomic analysis – with the goal of determining profitable future investment trends. At z9 Ventures we believe that Venture Capital can, and should, have a positive impact on the way we live and connect with each other every day – we call this Passionate Venture Capital. It’s a simple philosophy but it’s one that inspires each and every investment decision we make. We choose to invest in and partner with entrepreneurial teams with “first generation” technologies or business ideas that we believe have the potential to contribute to a sustainable future.

It’s impossible to put a price on the countless lives that are impacted through the innovation sparked from the early-age start-ups of today.

The only numbers that will be remembered are the lives that were forever changed through thoughtful innovation that once began as just an idea. People are always at the heart of every project we take on because we believe in creating a generational impact that will continue inspiring entrepreneurs to continue pushing for greatness. Miami is home to the world’s next generation of great minds and pioneers and we proudly stand behind those willing to take chances with us and dream big enough to make a difference.


Investment parameters

  • Expansion capital versus large investments in technology or intellectual property development
  • Relatively modest capital requirements over life of investment
  • Uncomplicated capital structure
  • Attractive pre-money valuations
  • Ability to achieve target IRR with exit value below $75 million
  • 3-5 year exit horizon
  • Own 80% of entity

Recognizing boundless opportunities

z9 identifies companies and ideas with the potential to disrupt and serve undeveloped, inefficient markets or under-served areas of markets. We will recognize these companies and focus our strategy of investment and expertise where substantial returns are achieved by modest risk.With the advances of and access to technology, our value lies in focusing our efforts on companies with the following criteria:

  • Retail
  • E-Commerce B2B and B2C
  • Information Technology
  • Proven Business Model
  • Bootstrap Mentality
  • Technology-Enabled Operating Companies
  • Leveraging resources
  • Providing Logistics

“First, put your best people at the helm and give them plenty of resources to make it happen. Second, encourage it with much fanfare from the top. Third, get off their backs and give them the freedom to make their own decisions.”


Portfolio Companies

Meet the founder & managing partner

Benzion Aboud was born to build things…

Successful businesses, profitable partnerships, game-changing technology. Aboud’s latest endeavor is z9 Ventures, which will ultimately enable Benzion to leverage his 20 years of experience and do what he does best: grow businesses.

A life-long entrepreneur, his businesses have evolved over the years. Benzion opened his first business – a wireless phone store – while still in college in New Jersey. He grew this one store to over 120 stores and in 2002, sold them to AT&T Wireless. In 2004, Benny created Elephant Group, Inc. which grew to become DISH Network’s largest seller of satellite television. The company topped sales of over 300,000 new customers by 2006 before diversifying beyond satellite TV and into cable, telephone companies and home security businesses. QologyDirect is a direct-to-consumer marketing company which generates 10 million calls per year. This company owns over 20 websites that serve as marketing arms for many large Fortune 100 companies, including and, among others.

A team defined by excellence

A powerful team of leadership & experience


Chief Revenue Officer

Wayne Walton is the Chief Revenue Officer of z9 Ventures.


Chief Financial Officer

Derrick Moore is the Chief Financial Officer of z9 Ventures.